Residential Stormwater Charge

Residential properties are those with structures containing one and no more than four dwelling units, excluding condominiums and properties with dormitories, nursing homes, hotels, or motels. Mixed-use properties, such as properties with both residential and commercial use, are also excluded from the residential property type.

Examples of residential properties

  • Row homes
  • Single-family homes
  • Twins
  • Library
  • Condominium
  • Vacant Lots
  • Mixed-use properties

Flat Rate Stormwater Charge

Residential customers pay a standard flat rate based on the average property size and average impervious area on all residential properties thoughout the City. This flat rate is included in monthly water bills and applies to all residential properties, including those that do not have water service. For properties with multiple water accounts, the monthly stormwater charge is divided equally among all accounts. Each water account on a property is also billed a Billing & Collection charge as part of the monthly stormwater charge.

Note: if you own a lot or garage next to your house, it may be eligible for exemption form stormwater charges as a residential sideyard. Learn more on the Green Spaces page →

Rain Check

The Philadelphia Water Department offers free rain barrels and subsidized pricing on residential landscape improvements that manage stormwater. For more information read about the Rain Check program.

Stormwater credits are not currently available for residential properties. Although highly encouraged by Philadelphia Water, participation in Rain Check or the installation of rain barrels or other stormwater tools on a residential property will not reduce the monthly stormwater charge.

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