Stormwater Pioneers

Stormwater Pioneers

The Stormwater Pioneers program recognizes the best in stormwater management on private property.

Stanley's True Value Hardware has a large storefront with light reddish stone on the bottom and beige stucco on the upper portion of the facade, and columns of red brick framing the entrance, a red and white awning in front of the Garden Center, and signs with white lettering on a bright red background above the entrance and in the rain garden, which is visible in the foreground. A car in the parking lot is partially obscured by plants in the rain garden.

The selected projects demonstrate innovation, excellence, the ability to overcome technical challenges and a true dedication by the property owners, developers and designers to improving the environment and reducing stormwater runoff.

More and more Philadelphia businesses are using green infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff on their properties. Whether required by PWD regulations or encouraged through incentives, private property owners recognize the important role they play in reducing pollution in our streams when it rains. They are also setting a higher bar with excellent, cost-effective designs.

2021 Stormwater Pioneers

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2021 Stormwater Pioneers Award: the School District of Philadelphia.

We are celebrating 13 public schools with grant-funded green infrastructure projects. These schools have demonstrated exceptional commitment to maintenance, education, and community engagement around green stormwater infrastructure.

Southwark School (Photo by Louis Cook/PWD)

Previous Stormwater Pioneers

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2020 Stormwater Pioneers

2020: Chaes Foods & Birchwood at Cedars Village

2018: Historic Germantown

2017: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

2015: Popi’s Restaurant

2014: Stanley’s Hardware

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