Green Spaces

PWD recognizes that green spaces contribute to stormwater management and offers discounts and exemptions for parcels that meet certain criteria.

Residential Sideyards

If you own a lot or garage next to your house, it may be eligible for exemption from stormwater charges as a residential sideyard.

To qualify for the residential sideyard exemption, your parcel must be:

  • Adjacent to your residential parcel 
  • Only used for residential purposes (there cannot be any commercial activity at the site) 
  • Owned by the same legal owner as the residence

You can apply for the sideyard exemption by completing the residential sideyard portion of the Stormwater Appeal form


Parcels that are used exclusively as cemeteries and are classified as such by the Office of Property Assessment (OPA) are eligible for exemption from stormwater charges.

You can apply for the cemetery exemption using the Stormwater Appeal form.

If the cemetery parcel is used for additional purposes, or if it is not classified as a cemetery by OPA, you may still be eligible for Stormwater Credits that may reduce your monthly charge. 

Community Gardens

Community gardens may be eligible for a 100% discount on their stormwater charges.

Aspen Farms Community garden has large plots full of plants, including a few tomatoes ripening in the foreground, separated by grassy paths, and has a larger grass area with picnic tables in front of a mural of a more rural farm. Several row houses across the street are visible in the background.
Aspen Farms Community Garden

In order to qualify, the garden must: 

  • Be operated for public benefit and appropriately maintained so as not to cause blight
  • Be actively tended by individuals or an organization 
  • Grow crops that are harvested for consumption, sale, or donation
  • Be primarily devoted to regularly-planted crop beds or uses necessary to growing crops 

If your garden meets these criteria please submit Form G and related documentation.

If your garden resides on one or more parcels you do not own, you can use Form G-1 to demonstrate your right to use the land. 

PWD also offers discounted water service rates for community gardens. Learn more →

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