May 2021Survey & Drawing Standards and CAD Templates – Minor updates to drawing standards, example plans and design block library following release of new version in January. Includes updated tree numbering/labeling guidance.
Review Contacts – Updated contact info for L&I floodplain management, Streets City Plans Unit, PP&R review of ERG projects, Verizon, PECO, and Veiola/Vicinity Energy. Added PP&R Historic Preservation for floodplain projects that require a water encroachment joint permit. Made process clarifications for PADEP, Streets ROW, and PWD Water Conveyance reviews.

January 2021Survey & Drawing Standards and CAD Templates – Survey and Drafting guidance and example plan updates. CAD updates include numerous block edits/additions and switching from color-based plot style to style-based plot style.
GSI Planning & Design Manual – Version 3.0 released. Numerous updates throughout. Expanded guidance on system placement and impermeable liners. Reduced target storm size to 1.5 inches. Included numbering system for design guidance.
Geotechnical Guidelines – Increased frequency of borings. Added requirement for descriptions of lithology.
Invoicing Package – Updated PWD Finance email address. Added signature line for PWD approval.

December 2020Typical Details – Added addendum with updates to Stormwater Trench Cross Section, Trench Drain, Water Level Control Structure, and Energy Dissipaters. Also includes new pilot details for Bumpout Curb and Batten Bar Geomembrane Attachment to Concrete, as well as January 2020 updates to Green City Inlet, Ornamental Fence, and Split Rail Fence. CAD files updated accordingly.
Review Contacts – Updated SEPTA, PGW, and ERG PPR contacts.

July 2020Design Submission Checklists – Added copies of baseplan correspondence to baseplan checklist. Removed mylar and full size hard copy requirement from final design checklist.
GreenIT Design Report Definitions – Added new tracking for Inlet Disconnection systems and updated GreenIT Data Entry Application to support. Minor revisions to Pervious Area, Vegetated Area, and SMP Footprint definitions.
Streets Design Guidance for GSI Projects – Minor update to guidance on GSI placement at existing signalized intersections.
GSI Example Plans – New library of example plans added to Water Engineering External Documents (WEXD) Sharepoint site.

Resource Directory

A complete catalogue of all resources needed to provide GSI planning & design services to PWD. The majority of the resources can be downloaded directly from the website, though some are distributed upon request by the PWD project manager.

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