CSO Long Term Control Plan

The EPA requires municipalities to create a CSO Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) to develop and evaluate a range of CSO control alternatives to meet water quality standards. In most cases this requires better maintenance and management of stormwater.

Part of our plan includes studying our combined sewer systems, rivers and streams. This means we now know how our system is working, and where we can make changes to help it work better.

Click below for a summary of our plan, required deliverables, and supplemental documentation.

EPA Partnership Agreement

On April 10, 2012, the City of Philadelphia and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency signed a partnership agreement to recognize the Green City, Clean Waters plan and its approach to stormwater management.

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Summary Report

Summary Report – amended June 1, 2011

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High Resolution94.71 MB99311987
Low Resolution4.49 MB4708664

Long Term Control Plan Update

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Complete Document28.60 MB29989925
2.02 MB2121911
Introduction and Background889.27 KB910617
Public Participation2.51 MB2634680
Characterization of Current Conditions11.52 MB12082183
Problem Analysis and Goal Setting198.28 KB203034
Overview of the LTCPU2.09 MB2190589
Land-Based Control Measures (Source Controls)353.44 KB361920
Water-Based Control Measures138.60 KB141930
Infrastructure-Based Control Measures1.40 MB1471461
Development and Comparison of Alternatives5.10 MB5352561
Recommended Plan Elements3.69 MB3870978
Financial Capability350.84 KB359260
Post-Construction Monitoring95.59 KB97886

Supplemental Documentation

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Complete Document124.61 MB130667499
Public Participation Supplemental Documentation41.79 MB43824685
Triple Bottom Line Analysis812.22 KB831718
Basis of Cost Opinions4.82 MB5052841
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling1.83 MB1918671
Precipitation Analysis824.17 KB843950
Stress Testing of the Northeast WPCP1.46 MB1527718
Stress Testing of the Southeast WPCP1.42 MB1492044
Stress Testing of the Southwest WPCP1.44 MB1507222
Analysis of Wet Weather Treatment Alternatives for Northeast WPCP2.50 MB2625546
Analysis of Wet Weather Treatment Alternatives for Southeast WPCP2.65 MB2773895
Analysis of Wet Weather Treatment Alternatives for Southwest WPCP2.81 MB2947174
TTF Watershed Comprehensive Characterization Report8.05 MB8440595
TTF Integrated Watershed Management Plan11.86 MB12436110
Darby-Cobbs Watershed Comprehensive Characterization Report26.08 MB27350368
Cobbs Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan14.27 MB14965178
Cobbs Creek Vision Document3.79 MB3976785
Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Vision Document6.93 MB7264018

Year 10 Force Majeure Extension (COVID-19)

On April 13th, 2021, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) granted the Water Department a seven-month extension for the requirements and deliverables associated with the Year 10 Performance Standards of the Consent Order & Agreement due to impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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